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Complete Janitorial Services

You Need to Know:

You are entitled to know exactly what, when and how we are working for you. To this end, as we strive to deliver fully on your needs, efficiently and economically, you will be fully informed as to every detail of our work. We provide clear documentation and regular verification of expenses incurred.

Your Needs are Unique:

We understand the need for flexibility as your needs and requirements change. Our active management has daily interaction with cleaning staff and offers regular communication with your building management. Our management is available, at your convenience, to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Your Health:

Toward our goal to improve the quality of life for your residents, we use materials and cleaning products that are ecologically responsible. In our comprehensive Cleaning Services, we are committed to the use of “green” cleaning products whenever possible, as we reduce or eliminate the presence of toxic chemicals from cleaning in your building.

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Complete Maintenance and Handyman Services

We are Extremely Proud to Offer our Strata and Commercial Clients Unique Access to our Building Maintenance and Professional Handyman Services:

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In-suite Services for your Residents:

We are proud to offer your residents special access to all our Services!

Your residents will appreciate access to our services when they are in need of assistance within their individual suites for repairs, renovations or alterations. Having a familiar individual enter their home is comforting and having someone already knowledgeable of the suites in your building means a more efficient service for your residents.


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We can help you design customized solutions for your home and office.

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We prepare Strata and Individual Owners for deficiencies walk-throughs of new buildings, or new homes and condos.

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